Addicted To Lucky

Soap Opera Digest: Dude, Lucky’s life is unraveling.
Greg Vaughan: Yeah, in a big way.Digest: How did you prepare for playing addiction?
Vaughan: Speaking for Greg, I never had the experience to go this deep, to experience that life cycle of drug addiction. Thank God, I never had a problem with that. My biological father did have a chemical dependency problem, and I did lose a dear friend on an OD that I witnessed — I was with him — so I had my own personal memories to reflect on. In this industry, in this city, I’ve encountered a lot of people who’ve dealt with it, who are involved in AA. I got to sit in on a couple meetings as a guest and it was very … it makes you thankful for what you have and makes [me] appreciate that I don’t have to wake up next to a bottle every day or get my day started by taking a couple pills. It’s a very lonely, dark place.Digest: Is that where Lucky’s at?
Vaughan: What we’re taping now, he’s going to a very dark place.Digest: So things are bad for Lucky, but good for you, the actor?
Vaughan: It’s great for me as an actor. I was very excited when they brought this to my attention, that Lucky was going to become dependent on [pills]. The writers put them in this financial crunch. He and Elizabeth are having real-life experiences that real-life couples go though in having a family.Digest: His father, Luke, is a drinker. Is addiction hereditary?
Vaughan: I’ve had talks with people and they said it’s a chemical or mental problem. I think in this situation, it’s purely an emotional reaction — feeling the pressure. He’s being selfish, to a certain extent, but his reasons are justifiable. Mr. Jason is the hero man who saves the day … As far as Luke, I don’t think it’s anything based on his addictions.Digest: But despite his relationship with his supplier, Maxie, Lucky still loves his wife.
Vaughan: Without a doubt, he loves his wife.Digest: Does Lucky have to reach rock bottom to recover from this?
Vaughan: It’s going to lead up to where Lucky loses complete control of his emotions. He really gets physically [abusive]. He’s getting accolades [as a cop] but at the same time, it’s like survival mode. He just wants to be numb and not have his true colors seen.Digest: Considering Maxie’s been stealing his pills, this puts Lucky in a vulnerable position for blackmail.
Vaughan: He knows that and that’s why he’s trying to be tender [to Maxie]. He does care about her. He’s trying to take a civil approach and not have this blow up in his face and lose his job — or put her in a bad predicament.Digest: Do you like playing this dark side of Lucky?
Vaughan: I don’t know how it’s being received, but to be able to push myself in a darker place has been a great challenge. It has been an emotional and physical roller coaster for me. I’ve lost 15 pounds. My clothes are a little more baggy. I’m looking a little slummier, a little more pale. It has been difficult to do, especially since I was getting married and my wife was like, “Greg, you’re not fitting into your suit [laughs].” She was like, “It fit so well when we got it, but it’s hanging on you.” So, we had to get it altered. Digest: How far is it going on the show?
Vaughan: From what [Head Writer} Bob Guza said, the bottom of the barrel. And as low as they write him, I’m going with him.Digest: But you still look good in the magazine shots.
Vaughan: Thank God, we have good makeup and hair people and great photography [laughs]!

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