2021 GH Preview

“Expect romance, intrigue, action and so much more in Port Charles in the coming year,” promise Co-Head Writers Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor, who break down what lies ahead.

Carly/Sonny: “The Corinthi keep vigil for Sonny, and the Corinthos family is rocked when the authorities give word of Sonny’s ultimate fate. Carly and Jason earn themselves a surprising enemy when they move against Cyrus.”

Sam: “Sam is figuring out what her new life is going to look like and has decided to refocus her life on a rekindled career. At the same time, she makes an unlikely friend who becomes a sounding board for this transition — a person she has known for quite some time, but a friendship between them has never been explored.” In addition, “Her world will be rocked by big medical news.”

Jason: “Jason can’t walk away from the world that he entered all those years ago. As a consequence, Jason is refocusing his efforts on eliminating the threat of Cyrus’s cartel and the danger it could bring not only to his family, but to the rest of Port Charles. Jason and Sam will always be a part of each other’s lives, but on occasions, their directions may pull them farther apart for periods of time.”

Laura: “She now knows she has more family out there in the form of Martin and Cyrus — and in the case of Cyrus, it’s probably a form of, ‘Be careful what you wish for.’ This connection to Cyrus could also prove to be his Achilles’ heel. Is there a possibility that Laura could pit brother against brother for her own ends?”

Anna/Finn/Jackie/Robert: “Finn has decided to bring Anna into his confidence about something that has been hanging over his head for decades, at this point. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Anna bringing Finn into her confidence about the true identity of Peter’s mother. As we are fast approaching the double wedding, Anna may discover answers to questions about Peter that she’ll wish she never asked.” Meanwhile, “Jackie may prove a spoiler going forward to Finn as he decides whether or not to push the issue of Chase’s origins. As Jackie and Robert’s maybe-relationship starts to reveal itself, the secrets of Jackie and Finn’s past will have to be reckoned with.”

Peter/Maxie: “Peter gets some dismaying news in the new year, and as a result, will set in motion a dreadful series of events.”

Chase/Willow/Michael/Sasha: “The four are going to be faced with a reckoning and need to figure out where their respective hearts truly lie.”

Ned/Olivia: “Ned believes he is doing the right thing by leaving well enough alone by not telling Olivia about the terrible mistake he made. Alexis is going to remain a loose cannon and we wonder if her drinking will cause the secret to come to light. Olivia has questions about the circumstances of Alexis’s arrest, which may cause a ruckus for the Quartermaines.”

Ava/Nikolas: “They take steps to solidify a relationship that began on less-than-solid ground, but Ryan’s medical status will remain a looming issue in their lives.”

Dante: “Dante’s secret mission pits him against old friends.” In terms of his personal life, “When you’ve loved a woman as long and as hard as he loved Lulu, it’s a long and hard road to let go of that love. He never got to hear her admission that she still loved him. That secret will linger in Port Charles for quite some time.”

Elizabeth/Franco: “Elizabeth struggles to keep her family together as Franco’s medical problems mount.”

Obrecht/Scott: “Obrecht sets the table for her favorite dish: revenge served cold.” Regarding the true nature of Dr. Kirk’s demise, “How will that secret evolve Obrecht and Scott’s relationship?”

Jordan/Curtis: “Curtis thought he was the exception regarding all the secrets Jordan must keep in her line of work, but that’s not always the case when your spouse is in the law enforcement world. Curtis has to face this reality and he and Jordan need to come to terms about the parameters of their marriage.”

Nina/Jax: “Jax has committed an unforgivable sin against Nina by keeping the truth about Nelle from her. Carly and Jax have committed to the lie, but secrets being exposed is always a possibility in Port Charles.”

Valentin: “A request from Martin may put Valentin at odds with the Corinthos family, and with Alexis’s mounting legal issues, Valentin calls in a favor to help his former sister.”

Brook Lynn: “She will be returning in 2021 and the story about her pregnancy test will be further developed.”

Britt: “Jason and Britt have proven to be unlikely allies in the quest to learn more information about Cyrus’s plan for the hospital. They may have the same goal, but they will continue to lock horns and butt heads the entire way.”

Brando: “He has a lot of trouble on his plate. One will be trying to help Sasha contend with her Cyrus problems, but he also will find himself facing a lot of blowback for decisions and actions that he’s taken in recent months.”

Taggert: “Trina pulverizes the pedestal on which she places Taggert. At the same time, Portia encourages Taggert to do what he must to not give up on his daughter.”

Molly/TJ: “Molly makes a momentous decision that has the possibility of forever changing the nature of her relationship with TJ.”

The Teens: “How long will Dev’s lie [about Cameron and Josslyn] outlive Dev, and will our trio of teens be able to communicate with each other and realize what happened?”

Lucas: “As Lucas is putting the pieces of his life back together, he and Sam must deal with the fallout of Julian’s death.”

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