10 Things To Know About Young And Restless's Amber

1. Sheila Brought Amber to Los Angeles: Sheila Carter, whom Amber knew from when she worked at a cafe in Death Valley, persuaded her to take on the job of babysitter to James and Sheila’s daughter, Mary, so Amber could help her see the child. She realized that Sheila was unstable and ended up saving Stephanie’s life when Ms. Carter shot her … which led to Amber’s next job: the nanny for Bridget and a teenaged Rick Forrester. Amber flirted with her smitten charge, but they grew even closer after he was injured in a drag race and she gave him her kidney.2. Amber Slept With Usher: Actually, it was her friend, Raymond — but he was originally played by R&B star Usher Raymond. After Amber reconnected with her high school pal, Ray, she got drunk and passed out — and later learned that they’d had sex. She also slept with Rick, and when she became pregnant, believed the child was Forrester’s.

Unfortunately, she gave birth to a stillborn boy (which turned out to be Rick’s after all) while visiting her mom in Death Valley. Instead, Amber returned home with her cousin, Becky’s, unwanted newborn and passed him off as Eric Forrester III and married Rick. When Becky wanted her son back, Amber had no choice but to confess her ruse. Rick promptly dumped his wife. After Becky died of cancer, custody of Little Eric was temporarily awarded to her husband, C.J.3. Amber Almost Wed C.J.: Amber and a grieving C.J. grew closer and were determined to be loving parents. However, Rick (now back in love with Amber) stopped their wedding by tracking down Little Eric’s daddy, the despicable Deacon Sharpe, who was awarded custody of his son. Deacon took the child to live with him and his girlfriend, Carmen.

4. Amber Killed A Carmen: When Amber arrived in Genoa City, everyone was wondering who killed Carmen Mesta (it was Jana). Amber is actually a “Carmen Killer” as well, though in her case, it was an accident.
Deacon allowed Amber to visit Little Eric. He fell for her and Carmen became jealous — so much so that she took the baby up to the roof, threatening to jump. After the child was safely returned to his pop, a scuffle ensued between the ladies and Carmen accidentally fell to her death.5. Amber Unintentionally Kicked Off Deacon And Bridget’s Romance: Amber and Rick planned to get hitched in 2001. In order to make her jealous, Deacon convinced a lovesick Bridget to bring him along as her wedding date. When Rick and Amber went through with the wedding, Deacon got revenge by eloping with Bridget in a quickie Las Vegas ceremony. Amber later became pregnant with Rick’s child, but miscarried the baby.6. Amber Was A Drug Addict: After losing another child, Amber became addicted to pills. Taylor persuaded her to go to rehab, but during her welcome home party, Amber was drugged by one of the guests, Lance — and woke up in bed with him. Rick was furious upon learning that his wife allegedly cheated on him, but Amber insisted she was drugged and moved in with Taylor. To make matters worse, Sheila returned and killed Lance before he could vouch for Amber. Sheila then kidnapped Amber and ended up shooting and killing Taylor (though it turned out Taylor hadn’t actually died).

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