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Zack Conroy Bio

HAIL FROM: Portsmouth, NH
YEARS ON SHOW: January 20, 2010 to present

Though he's only been on daytime for two years, up-and-coming actor, Zack Conroy, has already been on three soaps: ATWT (as Leo), GL (as James) and presently B&B.

Still, the Portsmouth, NH native didn't originally intend to become an actor. In fact, he received his B.A. from Boston College in General Management. However, after doing some commercials for Pizza Hut and New Balance and modeling for Kenneth Cole, Conroy decided to try his hand at showbiz. In 2008, he landed the role as GOSSIP GIRL's Ben. Soon after, he appeared on ATWT, and then GL and finally B&B.

Conroy was only on GL for five months until the show's end in September 2009, but his performance as Phillip Spaulding's scheming son, James, earned the star a Daytime Emmy nomination for Younger Actor. Once joining B&B in 2010, he also made waves when he was thrown into a juicy storyline in which his character "accidentally" slept with his girlfriend, Hope's, mother, Brooke. He's continuing in the front and center story as Oliver fights Liam for Hope's affections.

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