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Walter Fauntleroy 411

HOMETOWN: Philadelphia, PA and then Arlington, TX
YEARS ON SHOW: 2011-present

Walter Fauntleroy was born in Philadelphia, PA, but considers himself a Texas native since he lived there for 18 years before relocating to L.A.

Fauntleroy began his career doing commercials and print ads. In 2006, his acting career really began to take off when he landed a small role in PRISON BREAK. He's worked steadily since then, appearing in Stephen King's The Mist, Secrets and NCIS: LOS ANGELES.

In 2011, Y&R chose Fauntleroy to play Nate Hastings, the now-grown doctor son of Olivia. The actor was thrown right into a big storyline as an ill Ronan received a liver transplant from his brother, Chance.

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