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BIRTHDATE: January 26
BIRTHPLACE: Ottawa, Illinois
MARITAL STATUS: To Marie since July, 1994
CHILDREN: Son Chance, born 5/95, and daughter Merit, born 11/25/98

Walt Willey landed his first contract with AMC as Jackson in 1987 after deciding at the age of 30 to pursue his dream of a show business career. He now splits his time between New York, where the show tapes, and New Mexico, where he and his wife own and operate a bed-and-breakfast called Crystal Mesa Farm.

et cetera 5 random facts
  1. Was parodied by the late Phil Hartman on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.
  2. Was in contention for the job hosting the syndicated version of WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE?
  3. Majored in sculpture at Southern Illinois University.
  4. Earned the on-set nickname Big Daddy from Kelly Ripa (ex-Hayley, AMC).
  5. He is a skilled painter and illustrator.
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Other Roles

Other Soap Roles
THE CITY (Jackson, 1996)
RYAN'S HOPE (Joe, 1986-87)
numerous bit parts on AMC before the role of Jack came along

Theater Roles
Appeared off-Broadway in Dust Off with Dan Lauria

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