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Texas Battle Other Roles

TV Roles
ONE TREE HILL (Tony Battle, 2005-06)
12 MILES OF BAD ROAD (Keeshawn Diamond, 2008)
ALL OF US (Thomas Harper, 2005)
COMMITTED (Tony, 2005)

TV Movies
HYDRA (Ronnie Kaplan, 2009)

Movie Roles
The Task (Dixon, 2010)
Boggy Creek (Tommy, 2010)
Dragonball: Evolution (Carey, 2009)
Senior Skip Day (Lamar, 2008)
Hittin' The Bricks (Mello, 2008)
Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (Jake, 2007)
Final Destination 3 (Lewis, 2006)
Even Money (Darius, 2006)
Coach Carter (Maddux, 2005)

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