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Ted King 411

YEARS ON SHOW: February 2010-present
CHILDREN: Ava Celeste, born October 2010

Born in Hollywood and raised in Bethesda, Md., Ted King started acting in college and received his undergraduate degree from The University of California (Santa Barbara). He later studied film direction at the Tisch School of Arts at NYU and has worked in film editing as well as acting. King began his daytime career as Danny Roberts on LOVING and later THE CITY and then came to GENERAL HOSPITAL in 2002. After his character was killed off the first time, the show had a surprise for King and the fans — they were bringing him back on as Luis Alcazar's brother, Lorenzo. Adding to a list a daytime dramas, independent films and feature films, King has also had guest-starring roles on many prime-time shows, including SEX AND THE CITY, FRASIER, LAW AND ORDER: SVU and JAG. In 2011, King joined OLTL in the new role of Téa's brother, Tomas Delgado.

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