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Suzanne Rogers 411

HOMETOWN: Colonial Heights, VA
MARITAL STATUS: divorced from Sam Groom in 1982
YEARS ON SHOW: 1973-84; 1985-89; 1990-2003; 2004-present

Suzanne Rogers studied dance from the time she was two years old, growing up in Colonial Heights, VA. When she was 17, she traveled to New York for an audition and ended up making the city her home. Along with becoming a Radio City Rockette, Rogers performed in several Broadway musicals including Coco, Hallelujah Boy and Follies.

After 10 years in NYC, Rogers wanted to try film work and moved to California in January 1973. She landed the role of Maggie Horton on DAYS OF OUR LIVES that July.

In 1984 Rogers was forced to leave DAYS for a brief period after being diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, a devastating neuro-muscular disease. After some intense time in recovery, she returned to Salem a year later. While there is no cure for the disease, Rogers has been in remission since 1995 and leading a healthy life.

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