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Susan Lucci Other Roles

Guest-Starring TV Roles
HOT IN CLEVELAND (Herself, 2010-2011)
THAT’S SO RAVEN (Ms. Romano, 2005)
HOPE & FAITH (Jacqueline Karr, 2004)
HIGGLYTOWN HEROES (Weather Person Hero, 2004)
THE FALL GUY (Veronica Remy, 1984)
FANTASY ISLAND (Gina Edwards, 1983)
THE LOVE BOAT (Paula, 1982)

TV Movie Roles
BLOOD ON HER HAND (Isabelle Collins, 1998)
EBBIE (Elizabeth 'Ebbie' Scrooge, 1995)
SEDUCED & BETRAYED (Victoria Landers, 1995)
FRENCH SILK (Claire Laurent, 1994)
BETWEEN LOVE AND HATE (Vivian Conrad, 1993)
DOUBLE EDGE (Maggie Dutton/Carmen Moore, 1992)
THE WOMAN WHO SINNED (Victoria Robeson, 1991)
THE BRIDE IN BLACK (Rose D'Amore-Malloy, 1990)
LADY MOBSTER (Laurel Castle, 1988)
HAUNTED BY HER PAST (Karen Beckett, 1987)
ANASTASIA: THE MYSTERY OF ANN (Darya Romanoff, 1986)
MAFIA PRINCESS (Antoinette Giancana, 1986)
INVITATION TO HELL (Jessica Jones, 1984)

Annie Get Your Gun (Annie Oakley, 1999-2000)

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