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Birthday: August 30
Hails From: Los Angeles, CA
Years On Show: 2007-present
Marital Status: Single

Los Angeles native Stephanie Wang signed up for her first acting class when she was only 13. After graduating from the prestigious Harvard-Westlake School (an arts junior high/high school), she attended Brown University, where she earned a B.A. in theater. While attending Brown, Wang starred in many plays, including Romeo & Juliet and Macbeth.

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  1. Speaks fluent French and Mandarin.
  2. Is a skilled pianist.
  3. Classmates at Harvard-Westlake included Jake Gyllenhaal and Jason Segal.
  4. Loves writing poetry.
  5. Has appeared in print ads for McDonald's, Farmer's Insurance, Yahoo and Costco.
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Other Roles

TV Roles
THE DEFENDERS (Sonya, 2011)
DEXTER (Lexi, 2007)
JOURNEYMAN (Ticket Agent, 2007)

Film Roles
At a Loss (Pointer, 2004)
Fist of Iron Chef (Japanese Judge, 2004)
The Death of Hero-Man (Jamie Jane, 2003)

TV Movies
AMER-I-CANS (2003)

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