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Sean Ringgold 411

BIRTHDATE: November 3
HAILS FROM: Rockaway Beach, NY
STAR SIGN: Scorpio
YEARS ON SHOW: 2006-present

While working as a bodyguard, 6-foot-3-inch actor Sean Ringgold found himself in front of the camera on BET's video Web site, BLAST, and the rest is history. He continued to guard an impressive roster of celebrities while pursuing his acting career, appearing in several music videos and TV commercials. In 2006, he landed the bit part of OLTL's Shaun, bodyguard to the now-MIA Vincent. The under-five soon became a recurring role, and three years later, Shaun has a brother, Greg, a sister, Destiny, and even a love interest in Rachel.

Although his nickname at BET was "Big Head," Ringgold is anything but boastful. "I've learned humility and to be grateful I have a job," he says. "Do the best you can and keep on pushing forward. When those big paydays come, they come. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut and be grateful you got a job." His official Web site is www.seanringgold.com.

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