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Ronnie Marmo Other Roles

Other Soap Roles

TV Roles
JAG (Matteo, 2000)

Film Roles
The Boys of Armageddon High (Manny, 2011)
AppleBox (Antonio, 2011)
Pizza with Bullets (Johnny Casanova, 2011)
For the Love of Money (Carmine, 2010)
Hypo (Landlord, 2010)
Stage 4 (Donnie, 2010)
Monster Heroes (Gary the Ghost, 2010)
Limbo Lounge (Silas, 2010)
Rollers (Silhouette Man, 2010)
Leo (Josh, 2008)
West of Brooklyn (Sebi, 2008)
Another Happy Ending (Jay, 2005)
The Third Wish (Sam, 2005)
Silent Men (Micky, 2005)
Volare (Joey, 2004)
Vendetta: No Conscience, No Mercy (Jimmy, 2004)
Fish Without a Bicycle (Ronnie, 2003)
Deuces Wild (Moof, 2002)
Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles (Photographer, 2001)
The Peacemaker (Jogger with Bomb, 1997)
A Bronx Tale (Neighborhood Kid, 1993)

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