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BIRTHDATE: January 5
HOMETOWN: San Francisco, CA
MARITAL STATUS: in a long-term relationship with RACHAEL RAY SHOW correspondent Gretta Monahan
CHILDREN: son, Kai Rei, born October 21, 2010

Born into a show-business family (his father is an internationally recognized magician and hypnotist), Ricky Paull Goldin made his television debut on ROMPER ROOM at the age of 3. Dad left the family, causing Goldin to break ties with his father. Before he was 13, he had filmed more than 150 commercials. As a teen, Goldin made several appearances on sitcoms like KATE & ALLIE and ALF. In 1986, he landed a role on the sitcom HAIL TO THE CHIEF, starring Patty Duke.

et cetera 5 random facts
  1. Among other places, he has resided in Hawaii, Ireland and England.
  2. Once owned a boa constrictor named Anteus.
  3. Considers Melissa Reeves (Jennifer, DAYS) to be his first love.
  4. The scenes where he spoke in Romy and Michele's High School Reunion were cut.
  5. Enjoys fishing.
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Other Roles

GUIDING LIGHT, (Gus) (2001-2008)
YOUNG AND RESTLESS, (Gary) (1999-2000, 2001)
ANOTHER WORLD, (Dean) (1990-93, 1994-95)

PACIFIC BLUE (Benny, 1999)
MALIBU, CA (Honest Ernie, 1999)
V.I.P. (Gil, 1998)
BAYWATCH (Rawley/Tad, 1990-1996)
21 JUMP STREET (Tad, 1989)
ALF (Danny, 1988-'89)
KATE & ALLIE (Jason, 1986)
MACGYVER (Tommy, 1986)
THE HITCHHIKER (Peter, 1985)
ST. ELSEWHERE (Kevin, 1985)
HAIL TO THE CHIEF (Doug, 1985)
NBC SPECIAL TREAT (Bobby, 1979-1984)

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