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Rebecca Herbst Other Roles

Other Soap Roles
GENERAL HOSPITAL: NIGHT SHIFT (Elizabeth Webber, 2007)
DAYS OF OUR LIVES (Dana Winthrop, 1996)

TV Roles
HEFNER: UNAUTHORIZED (Barbi Benton, 1999)
BROTHERLY LOVE (Kristen, 1997)
SPACE CASES (Suzee, 1996)
THE LAZARUS MAN (The Wallpaper Person, 1996)
SISTER, SISTER (Muffy, 1995)
DONOR UNKNOWN (Danielle Stillman, 1995)
BOY MEETS WORLD (Jill Hollinger, 1995)
STEP BY STEP (Shelley, 1995)
BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 (Brower Daughter, 1993)
KALEIDOSCOPE (Emily, 1990)
HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN (young girl, 1987)
L.A. LAW (Jennifer Simmons, 1986)

Film Roles
Shrunken Heads (Sally, 1994)
Why Me? (little girl, 1990)

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