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Rebecca Budig 411

HOMETOWN: Fort Mitchell, KY
MARITAL STATUS: engaged to former TV marketing exec Michael Benson; divorced from Bob Guiney, whom she married in July 2004
FIRST AIR DATE ON AMC: August 11, 1999

The youngest in a family of eight children, Rebecca Budig joined ALL MY CHILDREN in 1999 after a stint as good girl Michelle Bauer on GUIDING LIGHT. Budig's first acting job was a bit part in the Aerosmith video for "Livin' on the Edge," and she locked lips with Chris O'Donnell in the 1995 feature film Batman Forever.

The actress majored in zoology at Miami University in Ohio before launching her performing career. An avid athlete, she completed the New York Marathon in 3:45:56. In addition to exercising, she enjoys knitting in her spare time.

For her work as Greenlee, Budig has twice been nominated for Daytime Emmy Awards as Outstanding Supporting Actress (in 2001 and 2003). She won the 2003 Soap Opera Digest Award as Favorite Younger Lead Actress.

Budig left AMC in 2005 to pursue other projects. The role of Greenelee was recast with Sabine Singh in 2007, but ultimately fans couldn't embrace a new actress as the character. Later that year AMC convinced Budig to return. She left again March 2009, citing the difficulty of her bicoastal lifestyle with her then-husband Bob Guiney as her reason for the exit. (The have since separated.) At the same time, AMC decided to move it's set to Los Angeles, and Budig was happy to return to Pine Valley in early 2010.

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