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dressed for success

Who is the best dressed in the May 10 issue of Soap Opera Weekly?


Daily Polls

  • Would it be best for everyone involved if Taylor left town?
  • Should Abby try the battered woman defense?
  • Is Tad right that Jake can't let Cara go?
  • Did Tucker do the right thing by disinviting Abby to his and Ashley's wedding?
  • Who should raise Ryder?
  • Are there some secrets it's okay for Brooke to keep from Ridge?

If You Wrote The End...

If you were in charge of the finales of AMC and OLTL, who would you want back, who would you reunite, and how would you script it? Click here to vote on AMC and here to vote on OLTL.

Public Opinion

viewers' voice polls

Tell Soap Opera Weekly what you really think in our online polls.


other polls

  • What is your reaction to Sean Kanan leaving GH for B&B?
  • Should GH's Morgan and Ava stay together?
  • What is your reaction to Thorsten Kaye's performance thus far as B&B's Ridge?
  • Did GH's Patrick make the right choice by picking Robin?
  • What do you think was the biggest real-life headline of the soap year?
  • What was the best soap in 2013?

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