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Birthday: March 17
Hails From: Townsend, MT and then Seattle, WA
Marital Status: Wed Carlyn Rosser on February 15, 1974
Children: Sons Padraic (born in 1974) and Connor (born in 1979)
Years On Show: 2006-present

Patrick Duffy starred in several series, including MAN FROM ATLANTIS (as Mark), STEP BY STEP (as Frank) and of course, the prime-time soap he's most known for, DALLAS (as Bobby). But even without these shows on his resumé, the star has had an incredibly successful career, having appeared on dozens of popular TV shows and TV movies.

Duffy was not raised in a showbiz family. His parents, Terrence and Marie Duffy owned taverns and a young Duffy actually wanted to become a professional athlete. However, he fell in love with acting in high school and was one of only12 students accepted to the Professional Actors Training Program at the University of Washington, Seattle.

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  1. Has been a Buddhist since 1972.
  2. Could hold his breath underwater for three minutes during his MAN FROM ATLANTIS days.
  3. His wife, Carlyn, was the one who came up with the "Pam's dream" reveal on DALLAS.
  4. Plays the piano.
  5. His son Connor Duffy played Little J.R. on the final episode of DALLAS in 1991. Meanwhile, his other son, Padraic, played Mark Harris on DALLAS from 1990-91.
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Patrick Duffy
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Other Roles

Other Soap Roles
DALLAS (Bobby Ewing, 1978-85; 1986-91)
KNOTS LANDING (Bobby Ewing, 1979; 1981; 1982)
DALLAS (Bobby Ewing, 2013)
DALLAS: WAR OF THE EWINGS (Bobby Ewing, 1998)
DALLAS: J.R. RETURNS (Bobby Ewing, 1996)

TV Roles 
30 FOR 30 (Narrator, 2010)
PARTY DOWN (Patrick Duffy, 2010)
REBA (Dr. Joe Baker, 2004)
JUSTICE LEAGUE (Steve Trevor, 2002)
FAMILY GUY (Jack/Salesman/Teacher, 2001; "Bobby Ewing," 1999)
TWICE IN A LIFETIME (Father Daniel Morrissey/Peter Hogam, 1999)
DEAD MAN'S GUN (Lyman Gage, 1999)
DIAGNOSIS MURDER (Wayde Garrett, 1998)
STEP BY STEP (Frank Lambert, 1991-98)
GOOF TROOP (Harold Hatchback, 1993)
OUR HOUSE (Johnny Witherspoon, 1987)

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