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Pamela Payton-Wright 411

BIRTHDATE: November 1
HAILS FROM: Pittsburgh, PA
YEARS ON SHOW: 1992-present

Long before Pamela Payton-Wright began recurring as Addie, the actress made her mark on Broadway and in television, earning a prime-time Emmy Award nomination for her role as John Quincy Adams's wife in the 1976 TV miniseries THE ADAMS CHRONICLES. She first appeared on OLTL in 1992 as Blair's mentally challenged mother who'd been institutionalized most of her life (and raped, producing Blair). But thanks to a breakthrough treatment, Addie was released from St. Ann's on Christmas Eve 2007 with a fancy makeover and a whole new lease on life. Prior to Addie's transformation, her portrayer had been working in Baltimore on a production of Arsenic and Old Lace when she got a call from Executive Producer Frank Valentini asking her to clear the next two months. Since then, Payton-Wright has delivered endless laughs as Addie checks one daring item after another off her "list," including a marriage to Dorian's ex, David. "It's been quite a ride," says the actress.

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