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Dec 21, 2010   SOD

With his impulsive "I love you"s and über-romantic gestures, BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL's Liam is pretty much the human equivalent of a basket of kittens. Is it difficult for...

Dec 14, 2010   SOD

C.J. is returning to B&B for the December 21 and 22 episodes, to catch up with Stephanie. Meantime, Digest caught up with his portrayer, Mick Cain.

Nov 30, 2010   SOD

Amber recently detained Liam from Hope's party by disguising herself as a Russian limo driver Natasha, but Ms. Moore is hardly the first B&Ber to don a costume. Here are others who've hid...

Nov 22, 2010   SOD

Weekly dished with Adrienne Frantz (Amber, BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL) about what's on the menu for Thanksgiving.

Nov 15, 2010   SOD

The play's just one of many things for BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL's busiest body, Rick Hearst (Whip).

Oct 27, 2010   SOD

Adam Gregory (Thomas) may be new to BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL, but he's already turned into a big fan. He chats with Weekly...

Sep 27, 2010   SOD

These days, BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL's Rick is trying to seduce Jackie, but he's no stranger to impulsive behavior and harebrained schemes. How does...

Jun 25, 2010   SOD

He was the MAN FROM ATLANTIS and DALLAS' Bobby Ewing, and now Patrick Duffy (Stephen, BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL) is mighty...

Jun 25, 2010   SOD

Here is our own photo album of B&B stars and their significant others. (All pics courtesy of JPI!)

Jun 15, 2010   SOD

Check out pics to see what B&B actors are doing when the TV cameras aren't rolling.

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