Oct 29, 2008   SOD

Due to a childhood injury that affected her brain, BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL's Pam bypasses jail to go directly to a treatment facility (and doesn't collect $200). She's hardly the first daytime...

Oct 14, 2008   SOD

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL's Pam is back, wreaking havoc. Grab some lemon bars and read on as Alley Mills opens up about her...

Sep 29, 2008   SOD

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL's Kyle Lowder (Rick) got the chance to perform the national anthem at Los Angeles' Dodger Stadium on...

Sep 24, 2008   SOD

That Maeve Quinlan (ex-Megan, B&B) is one busy actress. Besides appearing on the series SOUTH OF NOWHERE (Paula) and guest-starring on 90210 (Constance), she also headlines on a sitcom called...

Sep 10, 2008   SOD

Pamela siccing a grizzly on Donna recently wasn't the first time a B&B loon resorted to beastly behavior. Digest looks back at these close encounters of the animal kind.

Sep 4, 2008   SOD

You would think BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL's Eric is wealthy enough to afford a valet to groom him while he's in his coma, but John...

Aug 6, 2008   SOD

After switching to a tight new filming schedule, BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL's cast is off until Aug. 18. Weekly caught up with new addition...

Jul 30, 2008   SOD

Soap Opera Digest: How would you sum up your B&B experience so far?
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood: I'm in shock still because I'm enjoying it here so much. It's been crazy, but I love every...

Jul 23, 2008   SOD

Sure, Thorne's dad is in a coma, but BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL's Winsor Harmon is glad to be up and running both onscreen and online.

Jul 2, 2008   SOD

We asked almost the entire B&B cast for their middle name and how they got it.

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