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Jul 22, 2008   SOD

During his 30-year tenure as Paul Williams on YOUNG AND RESTLESS, Doug Davidson has experienced it all, going from promiscuous teen to...

Jun 26, 2008   SOD

Christian LeBlanc (Michael) started out a virtual orphan when he made his debut on YOUNG AND RESTLESS. But over the years, his...

Feb 7, 2008   SOD

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS' Michael Graziadei (Daniel) will be shooting the curl as star of the indie drama The Outside.

Jan 31, 2008   SOD

On February 14 and 15, rock legend Pat Benatar and her husband, guitarist/producer Neil "Spyder" Giraldo, will appear as themselves when they will show Karen (Nia Peeples) how to get over her...

Jan 23, 2008   SOD

"We have to say she never did anything maliciously!" Adrienne Frantz insists with a laugh as she takes a stroll with Weekly down...

Jan 16, 2008   SOD

No matter where Amber goes, the same hijinks follow. Here, we track Ms. Moore's parallel lives on her former hangout, BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL, and her present home,

Jan 9, 2008   SOD

With THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS' Nick supporting his mother, Victor is lashing out against him, but the Newman patriarch must not remember what happened the last time Nick returned fire.

Jan 3, 2008   SOD

Rebecca Staab started out playing a young punk rocker on LOVING (Cecilia), then clean teen Jessie on GUIDING LIGHT. Now, she's portraying moms to older kids (such as Elizabeth on PORT CHARLES) and...

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