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Mar 8, 2010   SOD

We're not saying everything that comes out of Mitch is wise — or sane for that matter — but the OLTL villain has given us some good sound bites since his return last November. In the...

Mar 1, 2010   SOD

Soap Opera Weekly recently caught up with Brett Claywell, who plays OLTL's Kyle.

Feb 22, 2010   SOD

Mitch may be behind bars on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, but that doesn't mean the Cramer women are out of harm's way. This week, Dorian and Co. will receive devastating news about one of their own. In case...

Dec 14, 2009   SOD

Nicholas Rodriguez discusses Nick's violent beating on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, the brewing Nick/Fish/Kyle triangle, and why he came out as an actor in his first TV role.

Dec 1, 2009   SOD

OLTL's Kassie DePaiva (Blair) gives Digest an update on Divas of Daytime TV, her singing venture with...

Nov 23, 2009   SOD

He's bad to the bone, that's for sure. Here's a look at the worst things ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Mitch Laurence (Roscoe Born...

Nov 5, 2009   SOD

In the November 10 issue of Digest ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Hillary B. Smith and...

Oct 29, 2009   SOD

Soap Opera Weekly caught up with ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Jerry verDorn at the Oct. 11 Daytime Stars and Strikes charity...

Oct 22, 2009   SOD

In the October 20 issue of Soap Opera Digest, ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Scott Evans (Fish) opens up about being part of...

Oct 13, 2009   SOD

I finally got to attend a concert by the Divas of Daytime, and it was great; everyone both on- and offstage had a completely wonderful time.

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