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Nov 9, 2015   SOD

Nathaniel Marston's ...

Nov 7, 2015   SOD

CASTLE star and ONE LIFE TO LIVE alum Nathan Fillion (ex-Joey) will reunite with former Llanview residents Kassie DePaiva (ex-Blair; Eve,...

Nov 6, 2015   SOD

On November 5, the mother of Nathaniel Marston (ex-Al/Michael...

Nov 4, 2015   SOD

As Nathaniel Marston (ex-Al/Micheal/OLTL; ex-Eddie, ATWT)...

Nov 3, 2015   SOD

Nathaniel Marston's mother, Elizabeth, posted another update on his condition after he underwent surgery....

Nov 2, 2015   SOD

Nathaniel Marston's mother, Elizabeth Jackson, has posted an update on her son's recovery on her Facebook page.

Nov 2, 2015   SOD

Nathaniel Marston (ex-Eddie, ATWT; ex-Al, OLTL) was involved in a serious car accident on Friday night, and...

Sep 18, 2015   SOD

Tom Degnan (ex-Joey, OLTL; ex-Adam, ATWT) has booked a major recurring role on the new CBS drama LIMITLESS.

Aug 10, 2015   SOD

John Brotherton (ex-Jared, OLTL) has been cast in an episode of FULLER HOUSE

Jul 30, 2015   SOD

Brandon Buddy (ex-Cole, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) took to Twitter for the first time in 2015 to give an update about his life

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