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Jan 31, 2012   SOD

Robin Strasser (ex-Dorian, OLTL) is heading off-Broadway, where she'll be joining the cast of Nora Ephron's hit Love, Loss and What I Wore...

Jan 30, 2012   SOD

GH's Ingo Rademacher (Jax) took to Twitter to comment on the Llanview actors moving to Port Charles.

Jan 30, 2012   SOD

OLTL alum Kristen Alderson (Starr, GH) is moving to Port Charles for awhile. "Just signed my GENERAL HOSPITAL contract! 3 years!" she tweeted.

Jan 27, 2012   SOD

Here's a fun Friday treat for Llanview lovers! Digest just came across this fantastic video, created by former OLTL Associate Director and Editor Teresa Cicala...

Jan 26, 2012   SOD

Terri Conn (ex-Aubrey, OLTL) is in the second of two new episodes of 30 ROCK airing tonight on NBC.

Jan 25, 2012   SOD

With OLTL's John McBain and the Manning clan set to pop up in Port Charles next month, rumors are swirling that more Llanviewites might be heading to GH as well.

Jan 17, 2012   SOD

OLTL's Nic Robuck (ex-James) will be joining the CW hit RINGER as Cash, who will cross paths with Juliet (Zoey Deutch).

Jan 13, 2012   SOD

Digest can confirm that fan favorite Hillary B. Smith (ex-Nora, OLTL) will join the No. 2 show in the brand new role of a sex therapist.

Jan 13, 2012   SOD

OLTL is trending on Twitter! Several OLTL alums and other daytime stars have tweeted their reactions to the show’s finale, which aired today. Here’s what they’re saying.

Jan 13, 2012   SOD

Grab your hankies, Llanview lovers. You're gonna need 'em today, which marks the end of OLTL's 43-year run on ABC.

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