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Oct 13, 2009   SOD

I finally got to attend a concert by the Divas of Daytime, and it was great; everyone both on- and offstage had a completely wonderful time.

Oct 2, 2009   SOD

On October 11, ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Melissa Archer (Natalie) will take part in the first National Eating Disorder...

Sep 29, 2009   SOD

I took a field trip a few Saturdays ago — hopped into my PT Cruiser, picked up my coworker, Mala, and headed from Queens to Staten Island. For those readers unfamiliar with the five boroughs...

Sep 14, 2009   SOD

Soap Opera Weekly recently ran a Just Asking feature with ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Brett Claywell (Kyle). The actor was...

Sep 4, 2009   SOD

On September 12, seven years after its off-Broadway debut, OLTL Associate Director Anthony J. Wilkinson is bringing back his original comedy My Big Gay Italian Wedding for one night only, to...

Aug 26, 2009   SOD

Soap Opera Digest editor Lauren Flynn event-hopped for the action-packed annual OLTL Fan Club weekend and shares the behind-the-scenes details.

Aug 17, 2009   SOD

Michael Lowry's early days in daytime consisted of playing the upright good guy Dr. Jake Martin on ALL MY CHILDREN. Now he's back on daytime, portraying ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Ross, someone whose past...

Aug 10, 2009   SOD

On August 14, ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Stacy finally gets an ally in the form of her stripper pal, Kimberly, from Las Vegas. Viewers may recognize her impossibly gorgeous portrayer, Amanda Setton, as...

Jul 30, 2009   SOD

Matthew is in the awkward position of being the son of two of the most prominent Llanview citizens — Bo Buchanan and Nora Hanen. Think it's easy being Matthew? Read on.

Jul 15, 2009   SOD

Scott Clifton (Schuyler, OLTL) — who portrayed GENERAL HOSPITAL's Dillon from 2003 to 2007, and received...

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