May 2, 2005   SOD

With Mother's Day and her exit from ONE LIFE TO LIVE both rapidly approaching, Jessica Morris (Jennifer) took a moment to rave to Weekly about on-screen mom, Catherine Hickland (Lindsay) and the...

Apr 22, 2005   SOD

Throw something Ronn Moss' way and he's sure to catch it — but with which hand? Either one! The vet who plays Ridge on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL is ambidextrous.

Apr 21, 2005   SOD

GUIDING LIGHT's Beth Ehlers explains why she was happy to leave Harley's alter ego Ruth behind.

Apr 21, 2005   SOD

ALL MY CHILDREN is preparing to say a heartfelt good-bye to Phoebe Wallingford, a Pine Valley fixture since the show's 1970 debut. (Her portrayer, original cast member Ruth Warrick, passed away in...

Apr 18, 2005   SOD

In this archival feature, ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Timothy D. Stickney reveals why RJ Gannon "has always had to convince somebody that he's not an ogre — see, no hump."

Apr 15, 2005   SOD

Leigh Taylor-Young's insatiable appetite for adventure took her from Hollywood to Harmony
— and everywhere in between...

Apr 11, 2005   SOD

A cavalcade of CBS stars converged in L.A. for a memorable P.R. event.

Apr 7, 2005   SOD

Over the years, Kristian Alfonso has amassed some fond memories at DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Here she reminisces about the five moments she'll never forget.

Apr 5, 2005   SOD

Daytime television icons Eric Braeden, Deidre Hall and Susan Lucci will open the 32nd annual Daytime Emmy Awards at New York's Radio City Music Hall on May 20

Apr 1, 2005   SOD

NBC heavily hyped the March 31 episode of THE APPRENTICE, and no foolin' — it was a tense, saucy eye-opener.

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