Jun 20, 2005   SOD

Viki's life has been many things, but one thing it hasn't been is boring... So, do you know everything about Viki's personalities? How about her various husbands? Take our quiz and find out.

Jun 17, 2005   SOD

"Coleman just kind of slides in and out, like a harmonica in music. He weaves in and out when you least expect it," admits Blake Gibbons, who was initially brought on for a six-week run as the...

Jun 14, 2005   SOD

Emmy night was full of surprises — none bigger than David Lago's (ex-Raul, Y&R) upset win in the Outstanding Younger Actor category. His acceptance speech was equally surprising,...

Jun 14, 2005   SOD

"He's a pot stirrer from day one," says ONE LIFE TO LIVE head writer Dena Higley of Llanview's new Dr. Feelgood, Spencer Truman.

Jun 14, 2005   SOD

At the ripe old age of 20, DAYS OF OUR LIVES' Rachel Melvin (Chelsea) is already a Martha Stewart in training. "I LOVE her. Seriously, I used to try to stay home from school, so I could watch her...

Jun 10, 2005   SOD

GH's Felicia has a new face, but savvy soap viewers already know Sandra Ferguson (ex-Jade, SUNSET BEACH; ex-Amanda, ANOTHER WORLD). Digest caught up with the actress on her second day of work as...

Jun 6, 2005   SOD

Keeping all the Snyders straight can be tricky, especially since many have been out of town for years — the last time Meg visited the farm was in 1992...Since she's coming home again on June...

Jun 2, 2005   SOD

In this Weekly archival feature, Drake Hogestyn (John, DAYS) talks about taking on his biggest DAYS challenge yet.

Jun 2, 2005   SOD

This moving tribute to Bill Bell was written by B&B's Ronn Moss (Ridge, B&B), and presented by Winsor Harmon (Thorne, B&B) at the 31st Annual Creative Craft Daytime Emmy Awards in May...

May 31, 2005   SOD

"Everybody's really wonderful and just a little bit kind of nutty like me and quirky," says Paul Satterfield (Spencer, OLTL) of his new Llanview neighbors.

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