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Nov 23, 2005   SOD

It's Thanksgiving time, and that means leftovers. We can't fit everything into our pages, so here's what didn't make it into our DAYS anniversary section in the 11/15 issue.

Nov 16, 2005   SOD

Joseph Mascolo
left his villainous DAYS behind to play Massimo Marone on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL. Four years later, the...

Nov 14, 2005   SOD

ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Michael Easton offers some insight into sinking his teeth into John McBain and reveals why the character will never wear a cape.

Nov 14, 2005   SOD

DAYS OF OUR LIVES' Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes (Doug and Julie) had plenty to say about their book, Like Sands Through the Hourglass,...

Nov 8, 2005   SOD

As Laura Wright takes her place as the newest incarnation of Carly on GENERAL HOSPITAL, fans of ex-Carly Tamara Braun can catch the actress on the ABC series FREDDIE on November 9 and 16. Here,...

Nov 3, 2005   SOD

Are you confused about ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Nash being in a love triangle with four very distinct characters? Forbes March (Nash) has it all worked out — especially the geography.

Nov 2, 2005   SOD

GH’s Ignacio Serricchio (Diego) stopped for a few moments to talk with Weekly about his character’s descent into darkness and the challenges of cleaning HOUSE.

Oct 31, 2005   SOD

On screen she's prim, proper Dr. Marlena Evans — but in real life, you'd be surprised by some of her shenanigans. Here, Deidre Hall reveals her most outrageous behind-the-scenes antics from...

Oct 28, 2005   SOD

Jessica's battle with dissociative identity disorder (DID) harkens back
to Viki's almost 40 years with the disorder. Here's a timeline looking
back at some of Viki's most memorable DID...

Oct 21, 2005   SOD

On Tuesday, October 11, Jerry verDorn had his last scenes as Ross on
GL before heading to OLTL to portray Clint. In
lieu of actual on-screen closure for Ross, verDorn addressed his...

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