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Sep 21, 2010   SOD

In the 9/7/10 issue of Digest, GH's Brianna Brown (Lisa) shared some of her high school memories. Here, the actress reveals more about her pre-soap past.

Sep 16, 2010   SOD

One of the defining aspects of GENERAL HOSPITAL's Lucky Spencer is his identity as a solid family man. How does the dissolution of his relationship with Elizabeth affect his sense of self?...

Sep 9, 2010   SOD

GH's Steve Burton (Jason) hits the road with his band, Port Chuck.

Aug 31, 2010   SOD

If there's no such thing as bad publicity, then perhaps GENERAL HOSPITAL's Brianna Brown can take heart (well, sort...

Aug 3, 2010   SOD

When GENERAL HOSPITAL's Patrick Drake cheated on his beloved wife Robin, the torrid tryst was as much about him as old flame Lisa....

Jul 22, 2010   SOD

GENERAL HOSPITAL won the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Directing Team. Scott McKinsey, who spoke on behalf of the group onstage at the ceremony, expands his thoughts on what the award means for the...

Jun 29, 2010   SOD

You've read in Digest what fan fave Finola Hughes has been up to, but here's some of our chat that didn't make it...

Jun 22, 2010   SOD

When is a couple not a couple? Well, with GENERAL HOSPITAL's Olivia, that question is pretty hard to answer. Not only are she and Johnny all over the map, Sonny — her childhood sweetheart...

Jun 7, 2010   SOD

Chad Duell not only stepped into the role of GENERAL HOSPITAL's Michael Corinthos III at a crucial point in an ongoing...

May 24, 2010   SOD

Twitter has become a 140-character bridge between an increasing number of fans and soap stars, including many from GENERAL HOSPITAL.

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