Aug 3, 2004   SOD

PASSIONS' Andrea Evans (Rebecca) likes to keep up with the times by maintaining a great Web site to interact with her fans, but she's not pleased by everything she sees in cyberspace.

Jul 29, 2004   SOD

While THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS' Bobby worked on cleaning up Marsino's on July 15, his portrayer John Enos was getting ready for the grand opening of his own hot spot, his New York City...

Jul 29, 2004   SOD

He plays Russian prince Nikolas Cassadine on GENERAL HOSPITAL, but in real life Tyler Christopher is getting in touch with his Native American roots.

Jul 27, 2004   SOD

Peter Reckell has gone from rebel to respectable cop during his two-decade tenure as Bo Brady. Needless to say, he's amassed some fond memories along the way.

Jul 22, 2004   SOD

(winners in red)

Jul 20, 2004   SOD

Dimitri and Erica. Cliff and Nina. Jenny and Jesse....all contributed to some of the best-ever AMC summer storylines. Take a look back at Pine Valley's hottest summer tales.

Jul 19, 2004   SOD

(winners in red)

Jul 2, 2004   SOD

The 6/22/04 issue of Soap Opera Digest featured a question-and-answer gabfest with John McCook (Eric) and on-screen son Winsor Harmon (Thorne). Here's more of what the duo had to say.

Jun 30, 2004   SOD

When THE AMAZING RACE premieres on CBS tonight, July 6 with a 90-minute special at 9:30 p.m. EDT, it will be the longest race to date.

Jun 28, 2004   SOD

Peter Bergman (Jack, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS) was ready to peddle for a cause on his birthday weekend, but a family loss changed the game plan.

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