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May 5, 2010   SOD

Louise Remembers
When we last left her, DAYS's Louise Sorel (Vivian) had called her father, only to learn he...

Apr 27, 2010   SOD

Austin Peck doesn't have many nights free these days — he's hitting the boards eight times a week in a play...

Apr 27, 2010   SOD

Louise Remembers
In her Soap Opera Digest blog, Louise Sorel — a talented writer as well as a gifted...

Apr 22, 2010   SOD

Louise's Medical Adventure
Louise Sorel got a little more than she bargained for when she met a DAYS fan where...

Apr 8, 2010   SOD

Arleen Sorkin (Calliope) was unable to attend Frances Reid's (ex-Alice) private memorial at NBC last week, but...

Mar 1, 2010   SOD

We're very lucky to have Louise Sorel (Vivian, DAYS) as a guest blogger for the next few weeks! Here, she talks...

Mar 1, 2010   SOD

Perennially busy, Mary Beth Evans (ex-Kayla, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) is at it again. Aside from her home projects, her...

Feb 4, 2010   SOD

In honor of Frances Reid's passing Feb. 3, here's an article from the January 10, 1995 issue of Soap Opera Weekly...

Feb 4, 2010   SOD

This is a memorial page for DAYS's Frances Reid (Alice).

Jan 14, 2010   SOD

Lisa Trusel returns to DAYS this week when Melissa comes to Salem for Mickey's funeral. The actress talked to Digest about coming home to the set she grew up on from 1982-'88.

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