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Jan 16, 2013   SOD

Veteran casting director Alison Goodman has been tapped to head up Prospect Park's Online Network casting department, including for the forthcoming reboots of ONE LIFE TO...

Jan 15, 2013   SOD

If you missed the first round of Pine Valley tribute events, you're in luck! A Tribute To Pine Valley, hosted by the Celebrity Events Group, will be coming to Connecticut and Pennsylvania....

Jan 9, 2013   SOD

Cameron Mathison (ex-Ryan, AMC) and Jennie Garth (ex-Kelly, 90210) will co-star in the ABC Family original movie HOME AGAIN, set to premiere in November...

Jan 7, 2013   SOD

Jeff Kwatinetz and Rich Frank, the chiefs at Prospect Park, have released a statement confirming the imminent online relaunch of AMC and OLTL.

Jan 6, 2013   SOD

Debbi Morgan reports on Twitter that she has signed on to the Prospect Park reboot of ALL MY CHILDREN.

Jan 5, 2013   SOD

Agnes Nixon, the creator of ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE, has released a statement regarding the future of her two beloved series, which will be relaunched by Prospect...

Jan 3, 2013   SOD

Daytime Confidential has updated its item about Carol Shure, who was reportedly given the No. 2 job at AMC.

Dec 28, 2012   SOD

Vincent Irizarry (ex-David, AMC et al) has inked a deal to join the new AMC under Prospect Park.

Dec 24, 2012   SOD

Adding further credence to the notion that Prospect Park's reboot of AMC will soon be up and running, Daytime Confidential reports that Ginger Smith...

Dec 19, 2012   SOD

Showbiz 411 is reporting that Prospect Park has contacted Susan Lucci about reprising the role of Erica Kane on its planned relaunch of AMC on the Web in 2013.

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