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Feb 7, 2013   SOD

Looks like the new AMC will be whistlin' Dixie! Cady McClain has confirmed in a blog post on her website, www.cadymcclain.com, that...

Feb 6, 2013   SOD

A casting call went out for the following roles for the AMC reboot: The contract role of Grace, who is described as a blonde, driven, sexy, Caucasian girl in her early 20s

Feb 5, 2013   SOD

Production is set to begin on the new AMC and OLTL from Prospect Park. 

Jan 31, 2013   SOD

AMC and GH have released casting calls. AMC is seeking to recast the role of Cassandra, last played by YaYa DaCosta in 2008.

Jan 28, 2013   SOD

Ricky Paull Goldin (ex-Jake, AMC et al) has a new show coming out on HGTV on February 15 — SPONTANEOUS CONSTRUCTION — and you can celebrate the premiere with...

Jan 28, 2013   SOD

Beginning this afternoon, Soap Opera Digest, in collaboration with the Celebrity Events Group, will host giveaways throughout the week for "A Tribute To Pine Valley"...

Jan 28, 2013   SOD

Three more stars have updated fans about the chances of them joining Prospect Park's version of ALL MY CHILDREN.

Jan 26, 2013   SOD

Hot on the heels of NBC renewing DAYS through September 2014 and Prospect Park officially releasing the cast and production lists for AMC and OLTL comes word from deadline.com that B...

Jan 25, 2013   SOD

Prospect Park has announced its landmark digital distribution agreement to bring AMC and OLTL to fans on demand via Hulu, Hulu Plus and iTunes. 

Jan 22, 2013   SOD

Prospect Park has officially announced, via a press release, the complete cast lists for the ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE reboots.

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