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Oct 14, 2013   SOD

How well do you know AMC's Cady McClain (Dixie)? 

Oct 9, 2013   SOD

Here's a sneak peek at the upcoming web soap, TAINTED DREAMS, where Alicia Minshew (ex-Kendall, AMC) provides a behind the scenes tour and talks about her new role...

Oct 9, 2013   SOD

In Carolyn Hinsey's new blog, AMC's...

Sep 30, 2013   SOD

Watch the latest full episodes of AMC & OLTL on our website (available on tablet and mobile 10/1).

Sep 12, 2013   SOD

Check out a photo gallery of AMC faves past and present on TOLN.com's new website.

Sep 9, 2013   SOD

AMC's Executive Producer Ginger Smith shares her top 10 moments from season one of the soap. 

Sep 6, 2013   SOD

AMC's Sal Stowers (Cassandra) and Eric Nelsen (AJ) share their top five moments from season one on TOLN.com.

Sep 6, 2013   SOD

Rebecca Budig (ex-Greenlee, AMC) will make her debut on September 9 as the new co-host of THE BETTER SHOW, a syndicated daily lifestyle program.

Sep 5, 2013   SOD

Soap Opera Digest has learned that Prospect Park is targeting October 21 as a start date for the second season of ALL MY CHILDREN, which had its first season finale this past week...

Sep 3, 2013   SOD

Special guest Vincent Irizarry (David) will discuss AMC's season one finale tonight on TOLN Soaps Live with Michael Fairman at 7p.m. PST/ 10 p.m...

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