Mar 5, 2013   SOD

Fan fave Thorsten Kaye (Zach, AMC) spoke with Digest columnist Carolyn Hinsey about the first week of filming in Pine Valley. ...

Mar 4, 2013   SOD

The Internet phenomenon known as the Harlem Shake has spawned a new video, this one featuring the reunited cast of ALL MY CHILDREN.

Mar 1, 2013   SOD

Check out Entertainment Tonight's piece on the new AMC and OLTL cast shoot, featuring stars like David Canary (Adam/Stuart), Cady McClain (Dixie) and...

Feb 27, 2013   SOD

Here's the cast confirmation list for Prospect Park's AMC and OLTL, which will return on The Online Network (and will be available on Hulu and iTunes) later this spring.

Feb 25, 2013   SOD

Sal Stowers, who won Cycle 9 of AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL (fans will remember her by her full first name, Saleisha), is AMC's new Cassandra.

Feb 25, 2013   SOD is reporting that Ryan Bittle, who has appeared on SWEET VALLEY HIGH and DAWSON'S CREEK, will take over the role of JR Chandler.

Feb 25, 2013   SOD

Ray MacDonnell, who played the role of Dr. Joe Martin from the show's ABC premiere in 1970 until he retired in 2010 (and made two return visits in 2011), will be seen on the...

Feb 25, 2013   SOD

On ABC's THE VIEW on February 25, Susan Lucci addressed the possibility of joining Prospect Park's ALL MY CHILDREN reboot to reprise the iconic role of Erica...

Feb 23, 2013   SOD

Emmy-winner and fan favorite Eden Riegel, who played the role of Erica's beloved daughter Bianca Montgomery on AMC from 2000-10, will return for a guest arc in the...

Feb 22, 2013   SOD

Jill Larson (Opal, AMC) offered a sneak peek of the new studio where AMCis days away from taping the first episode of what the actress calls "ALL MY CHILDREN, the...

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