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May 9, 2013   SOD

Multi-Platinum recording artist Jason Derulo performed his new single "The Other Side" on the ALL MY CHILDREN set in Connecticut on Wednesday, May 8.

May 8, 2013   SOD

One of AMC's most legendary baddies, Matthew Cowles's Billy Clyde Tuggle, is slated for a return to Pine Valley.

May 6, 2013   SOD

The Online Network announced two cast additions today. Brooke Newton, who has appeared on GLEE and MAD MEN, will take on the role of Colby Chandler,...

Apr 29, 2013   SOD

Apr 22, 2013   SOD

A preview of both relaunched series is now available for fans on Hulu.

Apr 19, 2013   SOD

Prospect Park is suing ABC for at least $25 million in damages, claiming that ABC has undermined its efforts to successfully relaunch AMC and OLTL and that GENERAL HOSPITAL's use of...

Apr 17, 2013   SOD

RCA recording artist and American Music Awards winner Hot Chelle Rae stopped by the set of AMC to sing their new single "Hung Up."

Apr 17, 2013   SOD

Starting May 3, AMC and OLTL will be the subject of a weekly Friday recap show that will also feature behind-the-scenes footage, cast interviews, lifestyle segments and fan/cast Skype...

Apr 16, 2013   SOD

Prospect Park co-chief Rich Frank tells Digest that a big advertising push will help attract viewers to the relaunches of AMC and OLTL on April 29th ("You...

Apr 16, 2013   SOD

TOLN has released its most substantial preview yet of the upcoming AMC season.

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