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Sep 8, 2003   SOD

Billy Warlock (A.J.) doesn't have much luck with love on GH, but offscreen the actor is happily engaged and planning a wedding to his girlfriend.

Sep 8, 2003   SOD

Find out where the final weeks of PC will air in your city!

Sep 5, 2003   SOD

Daytime newcomer Jennifer Ferrin landed the role of ATWT "model" daughter Jennifer Munson just as she was graduating from the North Carolina School of Arts this past spring.

Sep 5, 2003   SOD

Maeve Quinlan (Megan, B&B) shares more memories from her high school days

Sep 5, 2003   SOD

Soap Opera Digest recently sat down with GL Head Writer Ellen Weston to get her take on the show's direction. Here's more of the conversation that was featured in our 8/26 issue.

Sep 4, 2003   SOD

Dan Gauthier is the seventh adult actor to play OLTL's Kevin Buchanan in 13 years. Here is a look at these Banner guys and what they were up to on the show.

Sep 3, 2003   SOD

Y&R's Neil took it pretty well when daughter Lily got tattooed and pierced as a cry for attention, but Kristoff St. John's three...

Sep 3, 2003   SOD

The blackout of 2003 inconvenienced millions of people, but it could have been a big problem for Nancy St. Alban (Michelle, GL).

Aug 26, 2003   SOD

At the AMC Fan Club luncheon on August 9, Argentinian actor Tomy Dumster (Juan Pablo) charmed the audience with his answer (given without assistance from his interpreter) to a fan's question.

Aug 22, 2003   SOD

Since it debuted on July 5, 1999, PASSIONS has delivered countless smiles and laughs to its audience. But some of the show's biggest laughs stand out from the others.

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