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Michael Muhney Other Roles

TV Roles
CSI: MIAMI (Rob Mason, 2008)
FAMILY PRACTICE (Kent Kinglare, 2008)
NUMB3RS (Lt. Joseph Karnes, 2006)
VERONICA MARS (Sheriff Don Lamb, 2004-07)
JAG (Major Jack McBurney, 2003)
CHARMED (Seth, 2003)
WITHOUT A TRACE (Billy Melina, 2003)
BOOMTOWN (Chris Griggs, 2002)
E.R. (Colin Prentice, 2002)
THE HUNTRESS (Det. Mark Farrell, 2000-01)
TURKS (Paul Turk, 1999)
REAL LIFE (Jason, 1998)

TV Movies
VIRTUAL NIGHTMARE (Dale Hunter, 2000)

Film Roles
The Portal (Daniel Savanah, 2009)
Disconnect (Dylan, 2009)
Columbus Day (Detective Daniels, 2008)
No Man's Land: The Rise of Reeker (Deputy Harris McAllister, 2008)
Act Your Age (Lake Emerson, 2008)
One Night (Jack, 2007)
Lovers, Liars and Lunatics (Louis, 2006)
Nicolas (2001)
Love 101 (Andrew, 2000)

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