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Lenny Platt 411

BIRTHPLACE: Philadelphia
YEARS ON SHOW: April 2010-Present

While majoring in criminology at the University of Florida, Lenny Platt stumbled upon acting by accident. A self-proclaimed movie buff, he joined a student film group and was busy writing and directing short films when one of the actors had to drop out and Platt stepped in. He quickly realized he had a knack for being in front of the camera and began taking acting classes. Upon graduating in 2006, he headed to New York and started pounding the pavement.

After a few walk-on parts in soaps — including a brief appearance on OLTL — he was cast as Nate Salinger for this year's high school musical, Starr X'd Lovers. Although the gig was only for a set number of episodes, his chemistry with Kelley Missal's Danielle did not go unnoticed and the show kept him on as Nate won Dani away from Matthew. Shortly after that, Nate was revealed to be the secret brother of Ford and James, and his post at OLTL seemed to be set. "I feel extremely lucky to have been on for this long playing Nate," says Platt. "I definitely would love to stick around and see what's down the road for Nate and see how his relationships builds with his brothers."

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