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MARITAL STATUS: Koslow wed Nick Schillace, a makeup artist whom who she met while both were working on YOUNG AND RESTLESS, in 1988.
CHILDREN: Zachariah, 14, and Milikate, 12

Lauren Koslow has been making waves as the crafty Kate Roberts since 1996, but she didn't begin as an actress. The second of three children studied art at University of Massachusetts, then transferred to Virginia Tech, where she obtained a degree in costume design. After graduating, she worked as a costumer/actress for a regional summer-stock theatrical company and soon segued into acting full-time, winning roles in local productions, such as Dial M for Murder and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

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  1. Koslow does her own makeup.
  2. Her family name was changed from Koslov.
  3. Owns a bird that was a gift from Tori Spelling (ex-Donna, BEVERLY HILLS, 90210)
  4. Also has three dogs and a cat, as well as lizards, rats and chickens.
  5. Son Zach portrayed her B&B character's son, Mark, from 1988-92.
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Other Roles


Other Soap Roles
YOUNG AND RESTLESS (Lindsey, 1984-86)
BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL (Margo, 1987-92)

TV Roles
ZORK NEMESIS (video game voice-over, 1996)
VALLEY OF THE DOLLS (TV series, 1994)
SPIES (guest star, 1987)
MIKE HAMMER (guest star, 1986)

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