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John Ingle 411

BIRTHDATE: May 7, 1928
YEARS ON SHOW: 1993-'04, 2006-present
MARITAL STATUS: married to Grace-Lynne Martin since 1954
CHILDREN: Five daughters and nine grandchildren

After doing voice work in the animated series THE JETSONS, Ingle taught acting at Beverly Hills High School in Beverly Hills, CA from 1964 until 1985. Among his better-known students: Meredith Baxter, Richard Dreyfuss, Albert Brooks, Linda Evans, Swoosie Kurtz, Barbara Hershey and Nicolas Cage. Ingle continued to do voice work (SMURFS), and played the school principal in the 1988 cult film Heathers. Ingle took over the role of Edward Quartermaine in 1993 and played it for 10 years, until the show moved him to recurring, prompting Ingle to take the contract role of Mickey Horton on DAYS. Ingle returned to GH in 2006. Ingle took on another series about a sprawling family when he appeared on HBO's polygamy drama, BIG LOVE.

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