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Jeff Branson 411

BIRTHPLACE: St. Louis, Missouri

Jeff Branson is not one of those actors who was born with a burning desire to perform. Rather, he stumbled into what would become his profession when he got a tip that the acting teacher at his high school didn't have a problem with students sleeping through class. One day, however, he managed to remain awake, and a new life course was born.

An only child, Branson credits his mother with instilling in him the self-confidence it takes to navigate the uncertain waters of professional acting. "She had the intention of having one child for a reason, because she wanted to put everything she had into one child," he says. "She's a champion, a selfless champion."

Branson left Missouri to enroll in a New York acting academy; upon graduation, he set off on a touring production of Romeo & Juliet. But it wasn't until he'd been in New York for 10 years that he landed AMC, allowing him to quit his other means of supporting himself (bartending, modeling).

When not busy at Y&R, Branson (a master chef) enjoys cooking and photography.

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