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Jack Wagner Other Roles

Other Soap Roles
A NEW DAY IN EDEN (Clint Masterson, 1982)
GENERAL HOSPITAL (Frisco Jones, 1983-'88, 1989-'91, 1994-'95)
SANTA BARBARA (Warren Lockridge, 1991-'93)
MELROSE PLACE (Dr. Peter Burns, 1994-'99)
TITANS (Jack Williams, 2000-'01)
KNOTS LANDING (Aide, 1983)

Guest-Starring TV Roles
LOIS & CLARK (Randy Goode, 1997)
TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL (Bart Ewing, 1999)

TV Movie Roles
MOVING TARGET (Scott Syndicate, 1988)
SWIMSUIT (Hart, 1989)
LADY KILLER (Dr. Elliman, 1995)
FREQUENT FLYER (Nick Rawlings, 1996)
ECHO (Max and Steven Jordan, 1997)
DIRTY LITTLE SECRET (Jack Ramer, 1998)
NOWHERE TO LAND (Captain John Prescott, 2000)
TRAPPED: BURIED ALIVE (Michael Cooper, 2002)
GHOST DOG: A DETECTIVE TAIL (Kyle Caldwell, 2003)

Film Roles
Play Murder for Me (Paul Slater, 1990)
Artificial Lies (Dr. Peter Rexter, 2000)
Cupid's Prey (Jeremy Wetherton, 2002)

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