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(Matthew, OLTL)

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BIRTHPLACE: Bucks County, PA
YEARS ON SHOW: 2001 - present

Eddie Alderson was encouraged by his mother to work with his sister, Kristen Alderson, who plays Starr Manning on ONE LIFE TO LIVE. At first he was reluctant to join the show because he had never acted before. However, he watched his sister intently and heard other people say how much fun it was to work on OLTL. His mother got a call and brought Eddie in for an audition when he was six years old. He realized he wanted to become an actor once Mark Derwin (ex-Ben) told him he would play Matthew's uncle. Alderson was excited when Derwin told him that he could call him "Uncle Ben."

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  1. Is considered a card shark at the job, according to his co-star and friend John-Paul Lavoisier (Rex).
  2. Often hangs out with co-star Robert S. Woods (Bo) and his son, Tanner.
  3. Derek Jeter is his favorite Yankees player.
  4. On his first day of work, he slept on the couch the whole time.
  5. On his days off, he enjoys going to the movies, playing video games and playing basketball with his friends.
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