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Dominic Zamprogna 411

BIRTHDATE: April 21, 1979
HOMETOWN: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
YEARS ON SHOW: 2009-present
MARITAL STATUS: married to Linda Leslie
CHILDREN: A daughter, Anbilliene, born on October 19, 2010

Creative expression definitely runs in the Zamprogna family: His parents operated a dance studio and his father also taught acting at Theatre Aquarius. Dominic and his two sisters all act. He attended the University of Toronto briefly, but decided he was not the academic type. His career has shown an affinity for science-fiction material, with roles on shows ranging from SUPERNATURAL to TRU CALLING. He portrayed the scientist Boone on STARGATE UNIVERSE, but when Zamprogna landed his GH role, Boone simply disappeared without explanation. He played a key role in the New Caprica storyline on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, which examined whether there is a difference between "freedom fighters" and "terrorists." Zamprogna also spent six memorable episodes on THE L WORD as Greg/Jim.

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