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BIRTHPLACE: Silver Springs, Maryland
YEARS ON SHOW: 1990-1993; 2009-present
MARITAL STATUS: married to Michael Sabatino on 1/8/97
CHILDREN: Jake (5/11/00) and Dylan (9/2/03)

Born the only girl and middle child to Don and Priscilla, Crystal Chappell had a semi-nomadic lifestyle growing up. Her family moved constantly, constructing houses wherever they went (the family often slept in the abodes before they were finished and sold). Shy and overweight, Chappell has confessed that she was often an outsider growing up.

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  1. Worked her way through the University of South Carolina as an aerobics instructor.
  2. Was inspired by the book Sanford Meisner on Acting. She wrote to the author, and in turn, he invited her and a few other students to his home in the West Indies for intensive acting training.
  3. Before transferring to the University of Maryland, majored in Computer Science at the University of South Carolina, where she also studied journalism.
  4. Performed at the Kennedy Center while still in college.
  5. First soap role was as a day player on ALL MY CHILDREN in 1989.
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Other Roles


Other Soap Roles
ONE LIFE TO LIVE (Maggie, 1995-97)
DAYS OF OUR LIVES (Carly, 1990-93)
SANTA BARBARA (Jane, 1990)

TV Roles
DIAGNOSIS MURDER (Eve Laurie, 1994)

Film Roles
Lady In Waiting (Elizabeth Henley, 1994)
Bigfoot: The Unforgettable Encounter (Samantha, 1994)

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