In a lengthy post on his Facebook page, Y&R's Kristoff St. John (Neil) addressed the backlash and drama surrounding the No. 1 show in the wake of the Michael Muhney's (Adam) exit. Though he doesn't mention Muhney by name, St. John appears to be weighing in on the situation. "What does anyone on the periphery of this whole episode really know?" he queries. "We know each other, our families, and the show intimately. We have struggled through the good and the bad, professionally, and personally…. To think that these professional, honest, hard working people are trying to deceive, cover up, misguide or misdirect the public in ANY way is blasphemous, and simply not true." He goes on to discuss how the rumor mill has "spun out of control," and says, "WE WANT THIS TO END AS MUCH AS THE FANS DO. But I'll be damned if I allow a FEW OF THE MANY THAT HAVE HELPED TO CONSTRUCT THE HOUSE THAT WILLIAM BELL SR. built, along with his precious wife LEE PHILLIP BELL, with THEIR own hands, from the ground up, to BULLY ME, SCARE ME OR MY FAMILY, AND IMPEDE MY PROGRESS IN THIS ONLY LIFE THAT I/WE HAVE." For the full post, click here.