Y&R: Amber's Wildest Schemes

“We have to say she never did anything maliciously!” Adrienne Frantz insists with a laugh as she takes a stroll with Weekly down memory lane. “Everything she does has some good intention attached to it.” To highlight that point, we have included a note on how Amber rationalized each of these machinations. You decide how good her intentions were!

“The craziest thing on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS would be drugging Cane to convince him they’d gotten married when they hadn’t. That was pretty horrible!”
Rationale: She loved him!

“She didn’t technically kill anyone, but she didn’t tell anyone about Plum’s body…or that she still has that money! That’s not the worst, but it’s pretty bad.”
Rationale: He’s dead anyway, and the new album she makes with the dough will win back Cane.

“She wanted to tell the world Ridge and Bridget had been making out and having a relationship. To prove it, she trapped them in a mine shaft to see if they would make out and she could get pictures. It was all to prove she wasn’t lying.”
Rationale: She wanted vindication…and perhaps a sip of revenge, too.

“She went after Ridge’s son, Thomas, who was underage at the time, and started dating him. That was pretty bad. She also met Rick when she was babysitting Bridget. That was before they aged Bridget!”
Rationale: She fell for the young bucks.

“She kicked Carmen off the roof. She killed someone! It was an accident. The woman was hanging her baby off the side of the building.” (That was THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL’s Carmen Arena, who was Deacon’s jealous girlfriend, not Y&R victim Carmen Mesta.)
Rationale: The lioness was protecting her cub.

“When her babies died, she buried them in the desert and took another baby to pass it off as her own. She lied to her husband, Rick, and said it was his, but a year later everyone found out. She told him, ‘Oh, yeah, that was not really your baby. Guess I have to tell you the truth now.'”
Rationale: She was crazy with grief and desperate to keep her hubby.

“We can go back to the very beginning, when she was Sheila’s partner-in-crime. They met working at a restaurant, and Sheila sent her to be the nanny for James and Maggie’s baby. Sheila said, ‘That’s my baby. Find out everything you can about these people.'”
Rationale: Still young and naïve, she trusted the wrong person.