A Look At Oakdale's Standout Soap Hoppers

ATWT has a long history of finding talented newcomers (Julianne Moore, ex-Frannie/Sabrina; Marisa Tomei, ex-Marcy). However, the show has snatched talented soap vets, too. Here are 10 recent standouts. Stuart Damon (Character Name TBA)

From 1977-2007, Damon broke and mended hearts as GH’s Dr. Alan Quartermaine. After the character was killed off during a hostage crisis in 2007, Damon recurred as Alan’s ghost (whom only Tracy could see). In September, 2009, the beloved vet is joining ATWT and will likely cross paths with former PC dwellers Lynn Herring and Julie Pinson. Judi Evans (Maeve)

Evans first made waves in the soap world when she portrayed GL’s heroine Beth from 1983-86, and won a Daytime Emmy for Supporting Actress in 1984. From there, she starred as DAYS’s Adrienne from 1986-91 and then AW’s Paulina from 1991-99. From 2003-07, she returned to DAYS as Mimi’s scheming mama, Bonnie; she briefly resumed playing Adrienne in 2007.Lynn Herring (Audrey)

Herring first joined GH as librarian Lucy from 1986 (taking a short break in 1992 to play DAYS’s Lisanne for a few months). During her original stint, Lucy had a villainous edge. However, when Herring returned to GH, Lucy gradually became more of a comedic character, who always ended up in her underwear at the Nurses’ Ball and had a duck named Sigmund. In 1997, she and Lindstrom took their GH characters to the show’s first spinoff, PORT CHARLES, where Herring remained until PC’s end in 2003 (though Lucy occasionally crossed over to GH). She first airs on July 27 in Oakdale as Henry’s mother, Audrey.Roger Howarth (Paul)

Howarth got his daytime start playing LOVING’s Kent and GL’s Jory in 1992. The next year, he joined OLTL and starred in a controversial storyline where Todd and his frat buddies gang-raped Marty. The actor earned a Daytime Emmy in 1994 and though he played a villain, his star rose — which made the press-shy Howarth uncomfortable. Howarth took several small breaks from the role, but left OLTL for good in 2003. Todd was succesfully recast with Trevor St. John; Howarth began playing ATWT’s complicated Paul.Jon Lindstrom (Craig)

Lindstrom had several soap roles in the ’80s, including RITUAL’s Brady (1984-85), SANTA BARBARA’s Mark (1985-86) and GENERATIONS’s Paul (1989). Then in 1992, he joined GH as Ryan … who turned out to be the evil twin of Kevin (who first appeared in 1994). Ryan killed himself in 1995, but Lindstrom continued playing Kevin and took the character to PC from 1997-2003. In 2008, he began playing ATWT’s Craig. Though he had some big shoes to fill in taking over a role which had been played by popular actors Hunt Block and Scott Bryce, Lindstrom has made the scheming character his own in a short time.Forbes March (Mason)

March appeared as AMC’s Scott from 1999, but was only on for a year. He truly rose to fame when he joined OLTL in 2005 and his Nash was paired with Bree Williamson’s Jessica. Though the pair was a fan favorite, Forbes’s time in Llanview ended in 2008 when Nash died after falling through a skylight. He recently began airing as Noah’s university advisor, Mason.Cady McClain (Rosanna)

The talented McClain has been back and forth between ATWT and AMC (where she played the heroine Dixie) several times. Her first AMC stint was from 1988-96; she then returned to the show in 1998, where her character resumed her popular romance with Michael E. Knight’s Tad. After leaving again in 2002, she joined the Oakdale crew as Carly’s sister, Rosanna. She remained on ATWT for three years until her character ended up in a coma, then made another comeback on AMC in 2005 (joining the show full time in 2006). Pine Valley fans were outraged when Dixie ate poisoned pancakes and was killed off in 2007. She briefly returned to ATWT in 2007 and 2008; in 2008, she appeared as Dixie’s ghost for a month. Then in May, 2009, she returned to Oakdale.Austin Peck (Brad)

Peck began playing DAYS’s quintessential good guy, Austin, in 1995 (taking over for Patrick Muldoon). During most of his seven-year run on the show, Peck’s Austin was embroiled in a love triangle with Sami and Carrie (though Carrie left town with Mike in 1999). Peck returned to Salem from 2005-06, and though his character finally ended up with Carrie, the storyline just didn’t have the same resonance it did the first time around. The next year, the actor landed the role of ATWT’s Brad. This time around, Peck has gotten the chance to show off his sense of humor on screen and has enjoyed a romantic storyline with Terri Colombino‘s Katie.Julie Pinson (Janet)

Prior to joining ATWT, Pinson already had an established history in soaps. From 1997-2002, she played PC’s sassy Eve, where she was involved in a storyline with Lindstrom’s Kevin, Herring’s Lucy and Wilson’s Karen. After Eve was killed off, Pinson briefly played record exec Shiloh on Y&R in 2004. Later that year, she joined DAYS as Billie (sister to Peck’s Austin). She was with DAYS until 2008, which was the same year she went to ATWT. Though she’s only been on the show for a year, the Daytime Emmy nominee has already taken Oakdale by storm, thanks to her heartfelt portrayal of Janet and her on-screen chemistry with Michael Park (Jack) and TV daughter Meredith Hagner (Liberty). Marie Wilson (Meg)

Wilson is yet another PC transport! In 1999, she joined the show as Scotty’s daughter, Dr. Karen Wexler, taking over for Jennifer Hammon. After being involved in stories like Karen going back in time through her computer, the character was hit by a car and killed in 2003. Wilson came to ATWT in 2005 as Meg, this time playing a nurse. However, most of Wilson’s storyline has been dealing with Meg’s romantic travails with Paul and Dusty.

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